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For the treatment and prevention of flea infestations and the treatment and control of ticks, ear mites, demodex mites and sarcoptic mange on dogs Indications For the treatment and prevention of flea (Ctenocephalides spp.) infestations Protection that's fast and lasts Why protect against fleas, ticks, mange and mites? Fleas can cause terrible skin irritation that will make your dog scratch, lick and bite itself. This can result in rashes, scaly skin, hot spots and hair loss. It only takes one pregnant flea to lead to a flea infestation on your dog or in your home. Ticks can cause diseases that can lead to significant health issues such as debilitating illness, paralysis and even death. It only takes one tick to spread disease, so continuous protection is critical to help reduce the risk of infection. Mange and Mites can cause severe itching and a variety of problems that can impact a dog's health if left untreated.
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