Revolution Flea Control

Revolution Flea Control for Cats and Dogs. Dosage Pets Weight in(lbs) Pets Weight in (kg) Active Selamectin Mauve Puppies & Kittens 0 - 5lbs 0 - 2.5kg 60mg/0.25ml Blue For Cats 5.1 - 15lbs 2.6 - 7.5kg 60mg/0.75ml Purple Very Small Dogs 5.1 - 10lbs 2.6 - 5kg 120mg/0.25ml Brown Small Dogs 10.1 - 20lbs 5.1 - 10kg 120mg/0.5ml Red Medium Dogs 20.1 - 40lbs 10.1 - 20kg 120mg/1.0ml Teal Large Dogs 41.1 - 85lbs 20.1 - 40kg 120mg/2 ml. Revolution the Monthly 'all-in-one' parasitic control for cats & dogs, puppies & kittens. Protects your pet from heartworms and fleas • Fights both internal and surface parasitic infections • Treats Sarcoptic mange in dogs • Treats and controls ear mites • Controls American Dog Tick infestation • Treats and controls roundworms and hookworms in cats • Only administered once a month • Safe and easy to use Revolution is the easiest to use product for cats & dogs that are difficult to medicate and worm. Revolution controls & kills fleas, American dog tick. Prevents heartworm, ear mites, sarcoptic mange. Note!! Dogs should be tested adult Heartworm clear before giving this medication Highly recommended by Vets
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