Equimax Horse wormer 700kg

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Equimax Horse wormer 700kg Virbac EQUIMAX Oral Paste for Horses is an anthelmintic with efficacy against tapeworm, large strongyles, small strongyles, piworm, stomach hairworm, intestinal threadworm, bots, ascarids, neck threadworm, larged mouthed stomach worm, lungworm in horses. Up to 100% kill of tapeworm withins 24 hours. Up to 100% kill of other worms (including benzimidazole strains). Dosage: 1ml/20kg bodyweight. One syringe will treat a 700kg horse. Safe to use in horses from 6 to 8 weeks of age. It is recommended that horses be wormed every 6 to 8 weeks. Composition: Abamectin 3.7mg/g, praziquantel 46.2mg/g in a palatable oatmeal base. Presentation: Oral syringe (graduated): 32.4g.
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